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16 Mar 2013 Turning off comment posting due to spambots
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I am turning off comments due to the volume of spambot activity. It is unfortunately that I need to turn off this feature.

If you would like to post a comment, please do so on our Facebook social media page —

30 Sep 2012 2010 Pinotage, Amorosa Vineyard, Loma Prieta
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I had the pleasure of being able to taste the 2010 Pinotage, Amorosa Vineyard from Loma Prieta Winery. Loma Prieta Winery has taken a great interest in Pinotage. Normally, I am not a fan of Pinotage at all — 95% of the all the Pinotage that I have tasted from all over the world had been at best slightly drinkable and at worse smelling and tasting of burning tires.

So, I was quite sceptical about tasting Pinotage blended from Santa Cruz Mountains and Contra Costa County…as I have never heard of decent Pinotage outside of South Africa. But, I can happily say that the 2010 Pinotage is fantastic. Most of the grapes are from Santa Cruz Mountains vineyard at 2300 foot elevation. I think the high elevation and Santa Cruz location makes the Pinot Noir part of the Pinot Noir and Cinsault cross more expressive.

The wine has a very nice deep ruby color and deep Pinot Noir like characteristics with the addition of a solid but velvety tannins. This is very elegant Pinotage…I cannot believe I would use those three words together.

I would strong suggest getting a bottle of the 2010 Pinotage from Loma Prieta Winery. It will be a fun thing to share with people especially over BBQ meats.

18 Feb 2012 Let’s celebrate ‘National Drink Wine Day’!
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I am sure that all of you are familiar with enjoyment of fermented grapes. But, did you know today is ‘National Drink Wine Day’?  If so, I am sure that you are making an effort to support this vibrate ‘National’ holiday. ;)

If you are not familiar, then I would suggest that you take some time this afternoon or evening to enjoy a glass or two of wine to support this fine day!  Please select a wine that you enjoy or perhaps you might want to do a bit of experimenting and branch out in your wine tastes. 

Let your friends know about ‘National Drink Wine Day’!  I am sure that they will want to join in the celebrations. :)

11 Feb 2012 Back from a long hiatus……
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There has been a long haitus from posting on the blog.  Life has been keeping me rather busy with some good and some not so good things.   It has been a good reminder to focus on what is important in life — the rest will all sort itself out and to take one day at a time as you never know what is around the next corner.

I am going to post more often…maybe shorter than my regular posting but more often.

Lionheart Wines has been quiet of late.  But, that will be coming to end very soon.  I am refocusing my time and effort to help get Lionheart Wines to the next level.   I want to make sure that we have resources to make more wine this year.   The 2011 vintage is coming along in barrel.  I will be posting tasting notes tomorrow after doing some barrel tasting.   It will be really interesting to see how the wine has turned out compared to what I thought each vineyard would produce.

Until next posting….have a fantastic day!


09 Apr 2011 Tasting panel (Genophiles) enjoys tasting Lionheart wines

The Genophiles, a wine tasting group at Genentech, did a blind tasting of the following Lionheart Wines:
2007 Angel’s Share
2008 Angel’s Fare

2006 Syrah, Santa Barbara
2007 Syrah, Dry Creek Valley
2008 Syrah, Santa Barbara (available but not formally released)
2006 Roaring Red
2007 Roaring Red
2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

The Genophiles are a group known for being brutally honest and fairly harsh critics.  I encouraged the group to be completely honest as I wanted to get their input on how the wines are aging and overall quality.  The ranking system is 0 to 3 puffs with 0.25 granularity (the scoring system is hard to explain.  The simplied version is this: 0 = the worst, 1 = I would drink this (might even pay for it), 2 = 90+ points and 3 = I would stab someone else to get the last of the bottle.).  There are also +/- involved.  

There were about 16 people tasting the wine so the results tended to be on a good bell curve distribution.  The group generally does not taste white wines as they have a bias against white wine…not worth the time was the feeling I got.  The group was pleasantly surprised by the white wines (they grudingly agreed the wines were good :) ).  Any wines that score a 2 will be in the running to be included in their end of the year blind tasting competition. 

My guess going into the tasting was that the blends would do well — white and red.  I was hoping to get the whites to score in the 2 range as it would be a big validation for the classic blend of Marsanne and Roussanne (with a hint of viognier for aromatics).  My guess was pretty good about what they liked.  I also noted that they tend to like the more aromatic and powerful wines.

The final tally was:
1.5+ =-> 2006 Syrah, Santa Barbara
1.75 =-> 2007 Angel’s Share (92 pts WE)
1.75 =-> 2008 Angel’s Fare (preferred overthe 2007 slightly)
1.75+ =-> 2007 Syrah, Dry Creek Valley
1.75+ =-> 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley (90 pts WE)
2- –> 2008 Syrah, Santa Barbara
2- =-> 2007 Roaring Red, California
2- =-> 2006 Roaring Red, California
2 =-> 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

Normally, only 1 wine out of 8 hits the 2 range. So, I feel pretty good about how the wines are showing and aging.  The tasting does indicate that if you have 2006 Syrah, I would suggest that you break it out and enjoy it with some slow braised meat tonight ( especially lamb!)

24 Mar 2011 2011 Livermore Barrel Tasting

Last weekend was the 2011 Livermore Barrel Tasting weekend.  It was a very enjoyable time sampling upcoming releases as well as tasting current vintages.  The rainy weather must have kept some people away as the crowds were on the lighter side on Saturday.

The wineries I tasted at were:

Fenestra Winery:
The 2010 Pinot Gris, Buttner Vineyard, barrel sample was quite nice.  It had a good viscosity with lovely pear, white flower and apple flavors/aromas.  The wine is being stirred every two weeks to help develop the mouthfeel. The wine will be bottled in May.

The 2009 Tempranillo, Raboli Vineyard, was a bit lacking in the mouth.  The aromas were of classic Tempranillo — red fruit and spice.

Of the current vintages, the 2008 Malbec and 2008 Cabernet Franc were both quite good.  I would recommend that go and try them.

 Page Mill Winery:
Page Mill’s barrel tastes were both quite good: Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah.  The Petite Sirah was a classic example of dense, chewy, blue/black fruit bomb in your mouth with very solid but fine grained tannins.  The Petite Sirah is a must try if you go to Page Mill. 

I also tried some of the existing vintages.  The chardonnay was not remarkable.  The other wines were fairly good — worth trying.  The people working in the tasting room were a lot of fun!

Darcie Kent (produced at Concannon) & Concannon:
Concannon is the oldest winery in Livermore.  They are known for their Petite Sirah and have championed it for over a hundred years.  Barrel samples were from Darcie Kent: Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon.  The barrel samples were fairly good.  It was very interesting to try the same wine but in different barrels (some new, some once used and one neutral).  All of the grapes are from the Livermore valley yet the wines were reminiscent of El Dorado Zinfandel and Napa Valley floor Cabernet Sauvignon.

The current vintages were all good examples of the respective varietals at nice prices.  If you are looking for value wines, I would suggest that you check out Concannon’s portfolio of wines.  You will not be disappointed.

Stony Ridge / Crooked Vine Winery:
The wines all showed a bit of brett contamination in the barrels.  The wines were not very good.  The winery site would be a good place for a picnic.

Steven Kent & La Rochelle:
The best wine that I tasted during the day was the 2009 Four Sisters Vineyard Pinot Meunier.  It is a great example of Pinot Meunier (normally used in making sparkling wine).  The futures price is $38 or $30.40 for 6 or more bottles.  If you have never tried a Pinot Meunier, you really should stop by La Rochelle and give it a try.  It will be worth your time to make the trip.

Cedar Mountain:
The wines were not particularly good.  They made quite a few sweet wines / pseudo-ports.  The wines were super sweet, the fruit flavors tended toward the overly ripe and the alcohol was not well integrated.  I can not recommend Cedar Mountain.

Les Chenes:
This is a small winery who were tasting two variations of the same syrah.  The wine was alright but nothing to go out of your way for.  They did have some very yummy brushette to have with the syrah.  It was a good combination.

Big White House & John Evan:
The winery tasting room was packed.  The wines were ok — some good, other not so good.  I did notice a hint of Brett in some of the wines.  I am rather sensative to Brett.  I get concerned about winery when several of their wines show Brett.  The tasting room would be a fun place to go with a group of people if you are wine drinking instead of wine tasting.

McGrail Winery:
We ended up tasting at McGrail Winery.  The Rose barrel sample was pretty good — Grenache.  If would be worth your while to give it a try.  The Cabernet Sauvignon and the Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blends were both good — not outstanding but enjoyable.  Several of the wineries tasting staff suggested McGrail.  I did not get to taste any of their current vintages which was unfortunate.  If you tasting in Livermore, make it a point to stop by McGrail winery.

26 Nov 2010 Anderson Valley — Alsace of America?

I love Alsacian wines!  The wines of Alsace have bright, lovely acidity, wonderful aromas and fantastic in your mouth.  The wines happen to be primarily white which may be a turn off for some people.  But, I say give them a chance especially on Thanksgiving.  The region is known for Muscat Blanc, Rielsing, Pinot Blanc, Gewurtraminer and some Pinot Noir.  These varietals all work very well with traditional Thanksgiving foods.  The wines are generally dry but you can find some with a bit of residual sugar for people with a sweet tooth.

Last weekend, I was wine tasting in Anderson Valley in Mendocino County.  Anderson Valley is an appellation well worth learning about if you are not familiar.  The valley is known for its Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Gewurtraminer.   Excellent sparkling wine is also being made in the valley by Roederer Estate and Scharfenberger (once owned by Dr. John Scharfenberger of the chocolate fame — he has since sold it to Roederer Estate).  The valley is in a cooler climate zone relative to most California grape growing locations which the warmish days and cooler nights gives you excellent temperature spreads which encourage phenolic ripeness while maintaining great acidity in the grapes.  As I was tasting, it struck me in how similar many of the wines were in style, aromas and flavors as Alsacian wines. 

On the wine tasting trip, I went to the following locations:
Roederer Estate – I started the day of wine tasting in a very refined way — drinking sparkling wine at Roederer Estate!  I can not recommend stopping here highly enough.  The people and wines are both tremendous.  One of the great things is to try the same wine aged in a 750 ml vs. the same wine aged in a magnum.  The wine aged in a magnum is smoother, better autolysis flavors (toast, yeast, etc).  The price difference is only $5 more for the magnum (generally) but well worth the price difference.  Of the wines I tried, I really enjoyed the Brut NV, Rose Brut NV and the 2000 L’ermitage (in the magnum).

Husch Vineyards – Husch Vineyards is one of the oldest active wineries in Anderson Valley.  They produce a wide range of wines: Muscat Canelli, Riesling, Gewurtraminer, Carigne, Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Noir.  They make a dry and a sweet Gewurtraminer — both of which are quite good.  The white wines were better than the reds.  The tasting room is a converted small shack into a cute and eclectic which fits in well in Mendicino County.

Navarro Vineyards — Navarro Vineyards is a must stop by when in Anderson Valley.  The tasting room is very well appointed with many bars and has very nice people working in it.  They were pouring 18 wines when I was there — mostly all white varietals (Riesling, Muscat Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, and Gewurtraminer).  Navorro does produce some nice lower price point simple Pinot Noirs from Anderson Valley.  The Muscat Blanc, Pinot Gris, Gewurtraminer and Edelzwicker (blend of Riesling, Muscat Blanc, Gewurtraminer and Pinot Gris — a traditional blend in Alsace) were all very good.  We were also able to taste the 2008 Pinot Noirs and Syrahs that were bottled under a second label — Fireside — due to the smoke issues from all the fires in the Anderson Valley.  The Fireside wines were actually pretty good especially at the price of $12 / bottle; these wines would be great at any BBQ.

Standish Cellars – The tasting room is located in an old apple drying building.  The building is very cool and worth the time to check out.  The wines are quite nice but a bit on the pricey side.  The 2007 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir was very good and worth tasting.  You will not be disappointed.

Toulouse Vineyards – They are in the process of building a tasting room on the vineyard site.  The temporary tasting room was in the winery itself that had a wonderful homey and authentic feel to it!  When I get to building a winery / tasting room, I want it have this type of feel.  The wines were quite good especially their Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir!  The people are wonderful and this is well worth your time to taste their wines!  They also have great cheese crackers to cleanse your palate (impossible to just have one). 

Scharfenberger Cellars – Even though Roerderer Estate owns Scharfenberger now, they are maintaining the Scharfenberger house style quite faithfully.   The house style is made to suite the American palate (noticable residual sugar) vs. an older world palate (drier).

Jim Ball Vineyards — specializes in Pinot Noir and does a fantastic job.  If you are in the area, please go in and taste, you will be very glad that you did!  The vineyards were planted in 2000 with the first vintage being in 2004.  The Pinot Noirs are very good especially the owners blend.  The 2007 vintage is very good (as you might expect).

Londer Vineyards – they have a very nice tasting room in Booneville (eastern Anderson Valley) and have a wide range of excellent wines!  The white and red wines were equally good which is rare thing at a winery.  2008 Corby Vineyard Chardonnay is very good (the Robert Young clone is very distintive and enjoyable).  The three Pinot Noirs (2007 Anderson Valley, 2007 Ferrington Vineyards – Anderson Valley, and the 2007 Parabol Vineyard – Anderson Valley) that I tried were all very good and distinctive — you must try all of them.

If you are not familiar with the wines of Anderson Valley, it is well worth your time to learn more!

19 Feb 2010 Wines of Terras de Tavares (Dao, Portugal) — Seeking an importer!

I had the pleasure of tasting 7 wines from Terras De Tavares at Chez TJ in Mountain View, CA.  I am not very familiar with the varietals of the Dao region in Portugal.  After tasting these wines, I am very interested in trying more dry wines from this region.  The Dao region is known for producing fortified wines – Ports.  The wines I tried show that the dry wines of the Dao should be taken seriously.  The price to quality ratio (PTQ) is excellent in my opinion.  If you are looking for complex and elegant wines at a very reasonable price, you should keep you eye out for these wines.

White DOP, DAO Torree de Tavares, Bical (40%) / Cerceal (60%)
Appearance -> medium- lemon core -> water white rim
Nose -> clean, medium+ intensity aromas of minearl, white floral, grapefruit (tangy acid)
Palate -> high acidity; medium length with a clean acidic finish, medium intensity flavors of mineral, lychee, floral (jasmine), citrus pith (on the start), wet sea shell (on the finish); medium alcohol (12.7%)
Quality -> the wine is a very enjoyable wine made from varietals usually used for the production of madera.  The acidity and flavor intensity of it lends itself paella or white boullaibase.

Red 2006 Geographical Indication BEIRAS – Torre de Tavares (40% Touriga Portuguesa, Jaen 50%, Aragones 10%) – 3.5 euros (price from producer)
Appearance -> Opaque ruby with blue hints core -> ruby rim
Nose -> clean, medium intensity aromas of earth, light bandaid (blows off with 20 minutes), cinnamon, cardamon, mace, red fruit, oak
Palate -> high acidity; medium tannin (fine-grained), pronounced intensity flavors of caradmon, cinnamon, dried red cherry, mace

Red 2005 D.O.P. DAO Terras de Tavares, Touriga Nacional — 7.90 Euro (cost from producer)
Appearance -> opaque ruby/black core -> ruby rim
Nose -> clean, medium intensity aromas of sugar cookie dough, earth, violets, dried cherry (red & black)
Palate -> high acidity; medium+ to high tannins, medium+ intensity flavors of dried cherry (black & red), earth, red floral, warm spikes; medium+ alcohol, medium+ length
Quality ->Good wine but comes across a bit hot on the finish.  It is an excellent value for the price.

Red 2005 D.O.P. DAO, Terras de Tavares Reserva (70% Jaen, 30% Toriga Portuguesa) — 7.90 Euro (cost from producer)
Appearance ->Opaque ruby with black core -> ruby rim
Nose -> slight nail polish hint (blew off in 20 minutes), pronounced aromas of banana, red fruit, hint of oak, mace
Palate -> medium+ tannins (fine-grained and smooth but has a slight chalky note on the finish); long length; medium+ intensity flavors of red currant, fresh cranberry, pomegranate, fennel; medium+ acidity
Quality -> This is an excellent wine!  The aromas and flavors are complex and layered.  The wine is very balance with respect to alcohol, intensities, tannins and acidity.

Red 2006 D.O.P. DAO Terras de Tavares Reserva (60% Jaen, 40% Touriga Portuguesa) – 6.90 euros (cost from the producer)
Appearance -> opaque ruby and black core -> ruby rim
Nose -> clean, medium intensity aromas of black fruit (plum, cherry), red fruit (plum), earth, leather
Palate ->high acidity; medium+ tannins (very soft), long length; pronounced intensity flavors of plucot, plums, earth, warm spice, red currant, smoke, tobacco, tar (complex and layered)
Quality-> Good to Excellent for the price, complexity and balance.  The wine has a good balance of acidity, tannins and flavors.  The complexity of the wine combined with the acidity will give the wine good aging potential.

Red D.O.P. DAO Terras de Tavares Reserva 2007 (50% Jaen, 50% Touriga Portuguesa) – 7.90 euros (price from the producer)
Appearance -> opaque ruby and light purple hue core -> ruby rim
Nose ->clean, prounounced intensity aromas of fresh cracked pepper, warm spices, light oak, red fruit
Palate -> medium+ alcohol; medium+ length, medium+ tannins with green tannins and bitterness on finish; pronounced intensity flavors = aromas
Quality -> The wine is very young but does have potential with aging.  It was very helpful to taste the other wines especially the 1997 wine.  The primary aromas / flavors are very intense and need time to mellow in the bottle.

Red D.O.P. DAO Terras de Tavares Reserva 1997 (60% Jaen, 40% Touriga Portuguesa) – 9.90 Euros (price from the producer)
Appearance -> opaque- ruby core -> ruby with brick tinted rim
Nose ->clean, pronounced aromas of floral, stone fruit, red currants, red cherry (complex and layered)
Palate -> medium+ tannins (velvety); long length; medium+ intensity flavors of dried cherry, compote cherry, plum, celery salt (on finish), black ground pepper (on entry)
Quality -> Excellent.  The wine is complex, layered and very balanced.  The wine could easily age another 15 years before being over the hill.  The aroma and flavors evolve with time in the glass.

23 Jan 2010 Thai fruit icewines — Radee Wines
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I had the opportunity to taste three Thai fruit icewines recently.  The entire concept of Thai icewines is just plain odd, but the fruit side of it makes it even more intriguing.  The flavors of the icewines are: Pineapple, Mangosteen and Passionfruit.  Mangosteen is a fruit only grown in Southeast Asia; it is a wonderful fruit that is exotic and familiar in flavor — floral, apple, pear and good crunchy texture.

The three icewines were all very interesting and good in quality.  My preference was for the Mangosteen and the Passionfruit.  The Pineapple tasted about equal parts pineapple and lemon — the two do not work as well as you might expect.  The Passionfruit and Mangosteen would make excellent bases for some very interesting cocktails. 

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary or something that would be a natural drink to work with Asian and Indian food, you should definitely give these products a try!

14 Jan 2010 2010 Pinot Noir Shootout – Final round judging
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I was one of the judges in the 2010 Pinot Noir Shootout held on January 11th at Boudin’s restaurant in Fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco.  The final round consisted of 64 wines being split into two panels of 32 wines.  Each panel had 4 flights of 8 wines to be judged on a 100 point scale.  A wine given a score of 90 or higher indicated the judge felt the wine should be included in the final list of Pinot Noirs to be included in the public tasting as part of the 2010 Pinot Noir Summit (Feb 27th, Osher Marin Jewish Community Center, 200 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafeal, CA, 94903 — tickets available on the Affairs of the Vine website).   Each group of 32 wines had 13 judges rate the wines. The Pinot Noir Shootout had approximately 280 wines entered from all over the world.

Flight 1:
87 pts - Ampelos Cellars, 2006 Ampelos Vineyards, Reserver – Rho, Santa Rita Hills, 520 cases, $45  retail
90 pts - Claiborne & Churchill, 2007 Edna Valley, 2380 cases, $25 retail
89 pts - Row Eleven, 2006 Santa Maria Valley, 2000 cases, $36 retail
89 pts – Cumbre of Vine Hill, 2007 Barrel 31, Santa Cruz Mountains, 187 cases, $59 retail
89 pts – Spy Valley, 2008 Marlborough, 8106 cases, $29 retail
90 pts - MacMurray Ranch, 2007 Sonoma Coast, 75000 cases, $24 retail
92 pts - Robledo, 2006 Rancho Rincon, Estate, Los Carneros, 900 cases, $40 retail
90 pts - Fulcrum, 2007 Anderson Valley, 100 cases, $52 retail

Flight 2
88 pts – River Road Vineyards, 2007 Stephanies Vineyard, Estate, Russian River Valley, 997 cases, $26 retail
87 pts – Oak Knoll Winery, 2006 Red Hill Vineyard, Red Hill Oregon, 430 cases, $24 retail
89 pts – Hahn SLH Estate, 2007 Santa Lucia Highlands, 2591 cases, $29 retail
91 pts - Shandel’s Oppenlander Vineyard, 2007 Estate Grown, Mendocino County, 250 cases, $40 retail
93 pts – Lionheart Wines, 2007 Sonoma Coast, 50 cases, $40 retail
89 pts – TR Elliott, 2007 Three Plumes, Russian River Valley, 150 cases, $40 retail
90 pts – Left Edge, 2008 Sea Ridge Vineyard, Timberline Block, Sonoma Coast, 300 cases, $40 retail
91 pts – Artesa, 2007 Carneros, 20664 cases, $24 retail

Flight 3:
90 pts – CRU, 2008 Appellation Series, Santa Lucia Highlands, 240 cases, $32 retail
85 pts – La Fenetre, 2007 Le Bon Climat, Santa Maria Valley, 115 cases, $55 retail
87 pts – Sonoma Coast Vineyards, Freestone HIlls, Sonoma Coast, 450 cases, $40 retail
88 pts – Handley Cellars, 2007 Anderson Valley, 4029 cases, $30 retail
88 pts – David Bruce Winery, 2007 Santa Cruz Mountains, 1232 cases, $30 retail
87 pts – Truchard Vineyards, 2006 Carneros Napa Valley, 4503 cases, $35 retail
85 pts – Belle Vallee, 2006 Grand Cuvee, Willamette Valley, 382 cases, $42 retail
84 pts – Orentano, 2007 Russian River Valley, 400 cases, $40 retail

Flight 4:
89 pts – Deaver Vineyards, 2007 Sierra Foothills, 112 cases, $24.99 retail
89 pts – Nicholson Ranch, 2007 Sonoma Coast, 169 cases, $42 retail
88 pts – Manzoni, 2007 Manzoni Family Estate, Santa Lucia Highlands, 324 cases, $24 retail
89 pts – Mahoney Vineyards, 2006 Las Brisas Esate, Carneros, 300 cases, $28 retail
90 pts – Heart O The Maountain, 2007 100% Pommard Clone, Santa Cruz Mountains, 25 cases, $58 retail
87 pts – Dierberg Vineyards, 2006 Estate, Santa Maria Valley, 4400 cases, $42 retail
86 pts – Pessagno, 2007 Four Boys Vineyard, Estate Grown, Santa Lucia Highlands, 192 cases, $55 retail

I did score my wine the highest out of the flight of 32.  Note: I did not realize it was my wine during the tasting — I am a bit embarressed to say that but it is the truth.  At least, I consistently like my own wine. :)   After the tasting, the judges were conferring and it appeared that my scoring was fairly consistent with other judges including picking the Lionheart Pinot Noir as the top in the flight.  I hope that I do place in the top three after everything is tabulated.   

The wines in the other grouping were:
David Bruch Winery, 2007 Anderson Valley
Wedell Cellars, 2006 Hillside Vineyard, Edna Valley
Canihan Family Vineyard, 2007 Exuberance (Reserve), Carneros/Sonoma Valley border
Big Basin Vineyards, 2007 Alfaro Family Vineyard, Santa Cruz Mountains
Clary Ranch, 2006 Estate Sonoma Coast
CRU, 2007 Vineyard Montage, Central Coast
Ampelos Cellars, 2006 Lambda, Ampelos Vineyards, Santa Rita Hills
Longboard Vineyards, 2007 Russian River Valley
Bogle, 2007 Russian River Valley
Bjornstad Cellars, 2007 Hellenthal Vineyard, Sonoma Coast
Nicholson Ranch, 2007 Estate, Reserve, Cactus Hill, Sonoma Valley
La Fenetre, 2007 Calmant Creek vineyard, Sonoma Coast
Gloria Ferrer, 2005 Rust Rock Terrace vineyard, Carneros
Sonoma Coast Vineyards, 2006 Petersen Vineyard, Sonoma Coast
Pacific Coast Vineyards, 2007 Babcock Vineyards, Santa Rita Hills
Elk Cove Vineyards, 2008 Mount Richmond vineyard, Willamette Valley, Yamhill-Carlton District
Bohemian Vineyard, 2008 Bohemian Vineyard, Russian River Valley
Willamette Valley Vineyards, 2007 Tualatin Estate, Willamette AVA
Brophy Clark, 2007 Garey & Goodchild Vineyard, Santa Maria Valley
Eric Ross, 2008 Saralee’s Vineyard, Russian River Valley
Amisfield, 2007 Lowburn, New Zealand
Russian Hill, 2007 Estate Vineyards, Russian River Valley
Wild Earth, 2008 Central Otago
Vine Hill, 2007 Santa Cruz Mountains
Perception, 2007 Russian River Valley
Balletto Vineyards, 2007 Winery Block, Russian River Valley
Pegasus Bay, 2007 Waipara Valley, New Zealand
Kendric Vineyards, 2007 Marin County
Kenneth Volk Vineyards, 2006 Bien Nacido Vineyard, Santa Maria Valley
Lucienne, 2007 Doctor’s Vineyard, Santa Lucia Highlands
Stephen & Walker, 2006 Monterey
Scott Cellars, 2008, Sierra Madre Vineyard, First Mesa, Santa Maria Valley

I believe that the top 40 or so wines from the final round will be included at the Pinot Noir Summit based on the aggragated scoring of all the judges in each flight as part of the public tasting.