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18 Feb 2012 Let’s celebrate ‘National Drink Wine Day’!
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I am sure that all of you are familiar with enjoyment of fermented grapes. But, did you know today is ‘National Drink Wine Day’?  If so, I am sure that you are making an effort to support this vibrate ‘National’ holiday. ;)

If you are not familiar, then I would suggest that you take some time this afternoon or evening to enjoy a glass or two of wine to support this fine day!  Please select a wine that you enjoy or perhaps you might want to do a bit of experimenting and branch out in your wine tastes. 

Let your friends know about ‘National Drink Wine Day’!  I am sure that they will want to join in the celebrations. :)

11 Feb 2012 Back from a long hiatus……
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There has been a long haitus from posting on the blog.  Life has been keeping me rather busy with some good and some not so good things.   It has been a good reminder to focus on what is important in life — the rest will all sort itself out and to take one day at a time as you never know what is around the next corner.

I am going to post more often…maybe shorter than my regular posting but more often.

Lionheart Wines has been quiet of late.  But, that will be coming to end very soon.  I am refocusing my time and effort to help get Lionheart Wines to the next level.   I want to make sure that we have resources to make more wine this year.   The 2011 vintage is coming along in barrel.  I will be posting tasting notes tomorrow after doing some barrel tasting.   It will be really interesting to see how the wine has turned out compared to what I thought each vineyard would produce.

Until next posting….have a fantastic day!