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30 Sep 2012 2010 Pinotage, Amorosa Vineyard, Loma Prieta
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I had the pleasure of being able to taste the 2010 Pinotage, Amorosa Vineyard from Loma Prieta Winery. Loma Prieta Winery has taken a great interest in Pinotage. Normally, I am not a fan of Pinotage at all — 95% of the all the Pinotage that I have tasted from all over the world had been at best slightly drinkable and at worse smelling and tasting of burning tires.

So, I was quite sceptical about tasting Pinotage blended from Santa Cruz Mountains and Contra Costa County…as I have never heard of decent Pinotage outside of South Africa. But, I can happily say that the 2010 Pinotage is fantastic. Most of the grapes are from Santa Cruz Mountains vineyard at 2300 foot elevation. I think the high elevation and Santa Cruz location makes the Pinot Noir part of the Pinot Noir and Cinsault cross more expressive.

The wine has a very nice deep ruby color and deep Pinot Noir like characteristics with the addition of a solid but velvety tannins. This is very elegant Pinotage…I cannot believe I would use those three words together.

I would strong suggest getting a bottle of the 2010 Pinotage from Loma Prieta Winery. It will be a fun thing to share with people especially over BBQ meats.

09 Sep 2012 Angel’s Blush 2012 Kickstarter Project has launched!

We have launched the Angel’s Blush 2012 Kickstarter Project to raise funds to produce another vintage of Angel’s Blush ™ in a new custom crush facility. We are raising money for stainless steel tanks and barrels for the Rose production.

The last vintage sold out in 2 weeks! It was very, very good…especially on a spring day. The 2012 vintage will be ready by the start of next spring for your enjoyment.

There are many rewards available depending on your level of support! You will only be charged if the target goal of $7,500 is met. When we get close to $7,500, I will be announcing a new stretch goal to help Lionheart Wines expand!

Please help Lionheart Wines grow! We will most definitely take care of our supporters. If you have any questions, please contact Leon at or 650.576.1367. Harvest has started so we need make this happen very soon to get the best fruit.