18 Apr 2009 2004 Peterson, Il Granaio Sangiovese, Dry Creek Valley
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Appearance: medium+ ruby with slight brick hue core -> ruby rim

Nose: medium+ intensity aromas of walnut, red currant, red cherry, slight oxidation, hint of earth

Palate: medium+ acidity, medium tannins, medium- body, medium+ intensity flavors of dried cherry, cranberry, savory strawberry; medium+ alcohol (slightly hot) and medium+ length.  The wine is simple, non-complex wine with a light body where the fruit is starting to dryout.  The wine is at its peak and should be drank in the next 6 months.

Quality: The wine is typical example of mid-level Sangiovese with 4 to 6 years of age.  The price point is $17-$20 / bottle.

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