06 May 2010 Results from Executive MBA Marketing group study…
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I was lucky enough to get an executive MBA marketing group to study Lionheart Wines.  The goal of the project was to see how the Lionheart Wine brand was received and how to make Lionheart more competitive.  The group spent quite a bit time and research to come up with their findings.  It was very helpful to see how Lionheart Wines was perceived vs. what message I have been trying to get across to the wine market. 

The main highlights was that report were:
1) Labels needs a bit of adjusting.  The artisan, small-lot nature of the wine was not coming through effectively enough.  I got some excellent suggestions on how to improve the label. The front label of the varietal wines (non-blends) were received better than the labels on the blends( Angel’s Fare and Roaring Red).   The back label — the one with the descriptions and food pairing recommendations — was received very well which made me happy.  I am in the process of working on getting some new artwork for the front label.  It make take a bit but the new release could use the time in shiners. :)

2) Pricing needs to be adjusted to reflect the new reality of the wine market.  I was not terribly surprised by this; I agree that it needs to be adjusted.  So, the new price list will be announced in the week or so via email, Facebook and twitter.  I hope the prices and quality of the wine will generate some interest as I need to get ready for the upcoming harvest.

3) Lionheart supports various charities.  There was suggestion to focus on a food-oriented charity given the food-friendly nature of the Lionheart portfolio.  It makes a lot of sense.  What charities would you recommend that I take a look at to support?  Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

4) The demographic that resonates with Lionheart Wines is: 30+ years old, well travelled, college educated and “foodies”.   So, it seems that the wine make to go with food does have a following out there!  I am going to be following up a suggestion from the MBA project team to try to collaborate with some of the underground dining / traveling chefs that have a bit of a following in the San Francisco area.  If you know of any restaurants, caters or underground dining operations that I should contact, please let me know!  Your suggestions would be very helpful.

There are going to be changes made in the operations of Lionheart Wines to serve you better.  It may take a bit to get them implemented but I am moving forward on it.  I will be posting information as items get implemented.

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