21 May 2010 Label redesign

The label redesign process has finally gotten started!  Based on the feedback from the MBA marketing group, the lion image we have been using is not resonating with prospective purchasers.  The lion images that did resonate had a more artistic / artisan feel to them — watercolor of a ramprt lion.  The image is more of an impressionistic view of lion than the more realistic of the current version.   Do you agree that the more artisan lion would look better, be more engaging and attention getting than our current lion?

We are going to be using a different paper and move away from the foil stamping.  The approach here is more of the ‘Less is more’ theory.  The paper will be high quality ragged white paper. 

I would like the overall effect to be a classic label with a modern flare to it.  The label should make you think of a premium, artisan wine.  What qualities in a wine label make you think of quality, artisan/small lot, and premium product?  If you have any thoughts on this, please email me at lglover@lionheartwines.com.  (Note: I have had to turn off comments on posts due to excessive spam postings from IP:, monster-lite.com.  I am getting at least 20 spam posts a day now!)

As we get drafts/samples for the new label format worked out, I will post them to get peoples comments on them.  Your help will be most appreciated!

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