Wine Review Methodology

I use the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) method of tasting a wine as the basis for my technique.  The WSET method focuses on the following elements:  Appearance, Nose, Palate and Quality.  The approach is very good at helping you break down the key elements of the wine as well as explaining your quality assessment based on the observed characteristics.  Each wine is described as an individual wine not on a spectrum of wines you have tasted before — more useful to a review reader, in general.

I am more than happy to review any wine sent to me.  I promise to review all wines sent to me with the caveat that I will write up my observations and quality assessment good or bad.   Please send samples to:

The Grapevine Blog
Attn: Leon Glover
609 Silver Avenue
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

I will review the wines in the same location using Riedel glassware to give each review as consistent a basis as possible.

If I review a wine outside of my usual tasting area and glassware, I will note it in my review for full transparency.