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19 Feb 2009 2008 Rose and bottling soon…

Yesterday, I was supposed to be bottling the 2008 Rose (Sangiovese / Syrah), Santa Barbara and my 07 White Hawk Vineyard, Sangiovese.  The bottling did not happen due to the wine being too cold — did not have enough time to warm up after being cold stablized in the cold room.  The wine must be closer to room temperature to make sure the bottling machine fills the bottles with the correct volume of wine.  In this case, the machine would have put in more than 750 ml / bottle due to the volume of the liquid being slightly smaller than when it is at room temperature.  If the bottles were filled with cold wine, there is a chance that the corks would be forced out as the wine reached room temperature.

I should be bottling the 2008 Rose, 2007 Dry Creek Syrah and the 2007 White Hawk Vineyard, Sangiovese, Santa Barbara next Wednesday.  The labels have not been printed yet, so they will be put into “shiners” — no label and no foils. 

The 2008 Rose has turned out quite well.  I am proud of how my experiment has turned out.  The blend of Sangiovese bleed and Syrah bleed is very distinctive and very good.  The chemistry on the Rose is: 4.0 grams/liter of sugar, total acidity is 5.5 grams/liter, 3.62 pH, 14.17% abv (will need to work on getting that down in the future).   Jen is working on a name for the Rose, so we should be getting the labels printed soon.  The Rose will be great with a bit of chill on it during the summer months!