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19 Feb 2010 Wines of Terras de Tavares (Dao, Portugal) — Seeking an importer!

I had the pleasure of tasting 7 wines from Terras De Tavares at Chez TJ in Mountain View, CA.  I am not very familiar with the varietals of the Dao region in Portugal.  After tasting these wines, I am very interested in trying more dry wines from this region.  The Dao region is known for producing fortified wines – Ports.  The wines I tried show that the dry wines of the Dao should be taken seriously.  The price to quality ratio (PTQ) is excellent in my opinion.  If you are looking for complex and elegant wines at a very reasonable price, you should keep you eye out for these wines.

White DOP, DAO Torree de Tavares, Bical (40%) / Cerceal (60%)
Appearance -> medium- lemon core -> water white rim
Nose -> clean, medium+ intensity aromas of minearl, white floral, grapefruit (tangy acid)
Palate -> high acidity; medium length with a clean acidic finish, medium intensity flavors of mineral, lychee, floral (jasmine), citrus pith (on the start), wet sea shell (on the finish); medium alcohol (12.7%)
Quality -> the wine is a very enjoyable wine made from varietals usually used for the production of madera.  The acidity and flavor intensity of it lends itself paella or white boullaibase.

Red 2006 Geographical Indication BEIRAS – Torre de Tavares (40% Touriga Portuguesa, Jaen 50%, Aragones 10%) – 3.5 euros (price from producer)
Appearance -> Opaque ruby with blue hints core -> ruby rim
Nose -> clean, medium intensity aromas of earth, light bandaid (blows off with 20 minutes), cinnamon, cardamon, mace, red fruit, oak
Palate -> high acidity; medium tannin (fine-grained), pronounced intensity flavors of caradmon, cinnamon, dried red cherry, mace

Red 2005 D.O.P. DAO Terras de Tavares, Touriga Nacional — 7.90 Euro (cost from producer)
Appearance -> opaque ruby/black core -> ruby rim
Nose -> clean, medium intensity aromas of sugar cookie dough, earth, violets, dried cherry (red & black)
Palate -> high acidity; medium+ to high tannins, medium+ intensity flavors of dried cherry (black & red), earth, red floral, warm spikes; medium+ alcohol, medium+ length
Quality ->Good wine but comes across a bit hot on the finish.  It is an excellent value for the price.

Red 2005 D.O.P. DAO, Terras de Tavares Reserva (70% Jaen, 30% Toriga Portuguesa) — 7.90 Euro (cost from producer)
Appearance ->Opaque ruby with black core -> ruby rim
Nose -> slight nail polish hint (blew off in 20 minutes), pronounced aromas of banana, red fruit, hint of oak, mace
Palate -> medium+ tannins (fine-grained and smooth but has a slight chalky note on the finish); long length; medium+ intensity flavors of red currant, fresh cranberry, pomegranate, fennel; medium+ acidity
Quality -> This is an excellent wine!  The aromas and flavors are complex and layered.  The wine is very balance with respect to alcohol, intensities, tannins and acidity.

Red 2006 D.O.P. DAO Terras de Tavares Reserva (60% Jaen, 40% Touriga Portuguesa) – 6.90 euros (cost from the producer)
Appearance -> opaque ruby and black core -> ruby rim
Nose -> clean, medium intensity aromas of black fruit (plum, cherry), red fruit (plum), earth, leather
Palate ->high acidity; medium+ tannins (very soft), long length; pronounced intensity flavors of plucot, plums, earth, warm spice, red currant, smoke, tobacco, tar (complex and layered)
Quality-> Good to Excellent for the price, complexity and balance.  The wine has a good balance of acidity, tannins and flavors.  The complexity of the wine combined with the acidity will give the wine good aging potential.

Red D.O.P. DAO Terras de Tavares Reserva 2007 (50% Jaen, 50% Touriga Portuguesa) – 7.90 euros (price from the producer)
Appearance -> opaque ruby and light purple hue core -> ruby rim
Nose ->clean, prounounced intensity aromas of fresh cracked pepper, warm spices, light oak, red fruit
Palate -> medium+ alcohol; medium+ length, medium+ tannins with green tannins and bitterness on finish; pronounced intensity flavors = aromas
Quality -> The wine is very young but does have potential with aging.  It was very helpful to taste the other wines especially the 1997 wine.  The primary aromas / flavors are very intense and need time to mellow in the bottle.

Red D.O.P. DAO Terras de Tavares Reserva 1997 (60% Jaen, 40% Touriga Portuguesa) – 9.90 Euros (price from the producer)
Appearance -> opaque- ruby core -> ruby with brick tinted rim
Nose ->clean, pronounced aromas of floral, stone fruit, red currants, red cherry (complex and layered)
Palate -> medium+ tannins (velvety); long length; medium+ intensity flavors of dried cherry, compote cherry, plum, celery salt (on finish), black ground pepper (on entry)
Quality -> Excellent.  The wine is complex, layered and very balanced.  The wine could easily age another 15 years before being over the hill.  The aroma and flavors evolve with time in the glass.