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30 Jul 2009 Bottling 2007 Roaring Red

A quick update from Lionheart Wines….

I bottled the 2007 Roaring Red, Proprietary blend, yesterday into shiners (bottles without labels for capsules).  The chemistry for the wine is: S02 – 32 ppm, pH – 3.58, TA – 5.3 grams/liter, ABV – 14.65% and VA of 0.60 grams/liter.  We ended up with 26 cases plus 9 loose bottles.  It is a small amount of wine but the challenge will now be to sell it given the challenging environment. 

I need to get the label text figured out and submitted for TTB approval.  After the labels are approved and printed, I will get the shiners labelled.  The wine will not be released until the fall so the wine has time to integrate and get over bottle shock.  I learned from the 2006 Roaring Red that it need about 6 to 8 months for the wine to fully integrate, but you could tell how the wine was going to evolved after 4 months or so.

The final blend works out to be:
55% 2007 Dry Creek Valley, Syrah
23% 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon
6% 2007 Mourvedre, Lodi
5% 2007 Napa Valley, Petite Verdot
9% 2007 Napa Valley, Malbec
2% 2007 Napa Valley, Merlot

So, this blend is very nearly a Bordeaux Blend just missing some Cabernet Franc to complete the big 5 varietals.  I guess you could say that this is a Bordeaux blend interpreted via the Northern Rhone (as the Syrah was co-fermented with Viognier).  The wine is a big, bold wine and truly lives up to the name — Roaring Red!

21 May 2009 2005 Peterson, West Vineyard, Tradizionale, Dry Creek Valley
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Appearance: clear, opaque ruby core -> ruby rim

Nose: medium+ intensity aromas of red fruit (cherry, raspberry), blackberry, dried red fruit (currant, cherry), perfume, eucalyptus — layered aromas

Palate: medium intensity flavors of red fruit (fresh and dried), blackberry, black tea, black pepper; medium tannins; medium+ length; medium+ alcohol.  The flavors are complex and layered.  The finish has a hint of white pepper. 

Quality: This is a good to very good zinfandel from Dry Creek Valley.  The complexity and layered nature of the aromas and flavors make it very enjoyable.  The combination of spice and fruit flavors is very enjoyable and the way zinfandel should be.

18 Apr 2009 2004 Peterson, Il Granaio Sangiovese, Dry Creek Valley
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Appearance: medium+ ruby with slight brick hue core -> ruby rim

Nose: medium+ intensity aromas of walnut, red currant, red cherry, slight oxidation, hint of earth

Palate: medium+ acidity, medium tannins, medium- body, medium+ intensity flavors of dried cherry, cranberry, savory strawberry; medium+ alcohol (slightly hot) and medium+ length.  The wine is simple, non-complex wine with a light body where the fruit is starting to dryout.  The wine is at its peak and should be drank in the next 6 months.

Quality: The wine is typical example of mid-level Sangiovese with 4 to 6 years of age.  The price point is $17-$20 / bottle.